August 13, 2018

RG vs The World

We at RG believe in being good to the world and everything around it.

Here’s what we are currently up to:

  • Currently using 100% renewable electricity (Thanks to Bulb)
  • Currently using 100% renewable gas (Thanks to Bulb)
  • Currently recycling 75% of all our waste
  • Using 130% energy efficient hosting for our website (How? See Here)
  • Turning off half our consoles when not in use
  • All our cards and flyers are made from recycled paper and card
  • Using mugs instead of paper/plastic cups
  • Reduced the amount of water the toilet uses with every flush
  • Our paper towels are now made from 100% recycled paper
  • Reduced our bin bag usage to near zero (and when we do use them they are recycled)
  • Turning our till off overnight
  • Using Tab for a cause to donate to different charities for every tab we open
  • Switched all our remote controllers to rechargeable batteries
  • Switch to Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. (Made from 100% recycled paper and give 50% of profits to charities)
  • Using a smart monitor to track what consumes the most energy
  • Folding@Home on all our PC’s (Our team number is 249300)

Here’s what we are planning:

  • Switching to all LED Bulbs for better efficiency. (Partially complete)
  • Using only recycled paper for printing
  • Composting our coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Get Greg an electric car (preferably a Tesla)

If you have any suggestions on how we can do better please contact us!