October 1, 2018

Corporate Team Building

Looking for something a bit different to build your teams bond? Look no further! We have a whole host of awesome team building games you can play with us. Team sessions start at just £15 a head and include light refreshments (lunch platters more info here can be added for an additional charge). Contact us for more info.

Blind Folded Games:

Best with two or more players – One player is blindfolded and asked to use the controller, everyone else has to give them orders (Turn left! Press A etc)

Games that work best with this idea: Mario Kart, Eye Toy:Play, Sonic the Hedgehog, Crazy Taxi

Multiplayer Single Player Games:

A single player game is played with multiple players, like a shooter such as Goldeneye. One person holds part of the controller to control Bond moving and the other player has to aim with the other section of the controller.

Relay Race:

Two lines of players are asked take part in a racing game, controllers are given to the first person in their respective lines. Players take part in racing games where every 30 seconds or random time expires, the game master yells “swap!” and the controller is passed down the line to the next person. Repeat until race is finished.


A battle to the finish of who is the best at any game of your choice. A great way to do team building.